French-Singaporean International Research Program in engineering

Damien Faurie


Top: Nanostructures obtained on flexible substrate by interferential lithography

Bottom left: Biaxial machine for stretchable systems

Bottom right: Macroscopic array of magnetic nanowires on flexible substrate


Sketch of Brillouin Light Scattering experiment on array of nanostructures. Credits : LSPM-CNRS


STRETCH-SMART (Heterogeneous STRETCHable Systems, MechAnical propeRTies and associated functionalities at small scales) is a project between the LSPM (D. Faurie, F. Zighem) and PPRIME (P.-O. Renault) french institutes, and NUS (A.O. Adeyeye, Vivian Ng).

Missions and research themes

The STRETCH-SMART project aims to sustain and strengthen a collaboration born in 2015 between NUS and Sorbonne Paris Nord thanks to the USPC-NUS grant. The general theme is the development of new functional (magnetoelectronic) and stretchable objects with the specificity of understanding and modeling fine mechanical phenomena at small scales (nanoscale) and the coupling of these phenomena with magnetic behavior in particular. In addition to the fundamental aspects of mechanics and physics of nanoscale materials, the ultimate goal is to find ways / concepts for the development of powerful and durable magnetic stretchable systems (stretchable magnonic devices). However, the chosen approach is not purely pragmatic since upstream work is to be done in the development of innovative experimental and modeling approaches (fracture mechanics at small scales, synchrotron x-ray probes and in situ magnetic and mechanical solicitations).

MAIN projects of research

We have shown that nanostructuring effects are very important in controlling the magnetic properties of deformed systems. It is even a path that can perfectly control the effect of deformations on the propagation of spin waves, whether by bending or traction. The ambition is to take advantage of these results to optimize multi-channel stretchable (or flexible) systems.

institutions and laboratories involved

• Pr Damien Faurie and Ass. Pr Fatih Zighem (Laboratoire des Sciences des Procédés et des Matériaux, CNRS, Université Sorbonne Paris Nord)
• Pr Pierre-Olivier Renault (Institut PPPRIME, CNRS, Université de Poitiers).

• Pr A.O. Adekunle Adeyeye (NUS & Durham University)
• Assoc. Pr Vivian Ng (NUS)

Nabil Challab (LSPM-CNRS PhD student) doing electrical resistivity measurements

Credits : Service Communication Institut Galilée (Université Sorbonne Paris Nord (USPN))

Ass. Pr Fatih Zighem (LSPM-CNRS), Vignesh Gunasekaran (former french USPC internship in NUS), Pr. Adekunle Adeyeye (NUS), Pr. D. Faurie (LSPM-CNRS).

Crédits : USPC-NUS