International Research Laboratory between France and Singapore in nanoelectronics and nanophotonics

CNRS International NTU THALES Research Alliance


Creation date: 2009
Prof. Philippe COQUET



CINTRA UMI 3288 is a joint research laboratory between CNRS, NTU Singapore and Thales. Based on NTU campus CINTRA was established in 2009 and has just celebrated its 10th anniversary.

CINTRA develops research activities on Nano-electronics and Nano-photonics technologies, with objective to harness the latest in science and technology to develop innovation in these fields. CINTRA is organized in 3 research thrusts:

i) Carbon based materials and devices,

ii) New nanomaterials and structures,

iii) Nanophotonics Technologies.

The applications are related to 3D integration, advanced interconnects, electromagnetic shielding, high frequencies applications, thermal management, sensors, energy harvesting and storage, optical communications and optoelectronic devices. 

As of today, 64 people are affiliated to CINTRA, with a full time equivalent of 43. Through CINTRA, over 50 PhD students and more than 60 student internships have been trained.

Since its creation CINTRA has produced over 740 publications (as at April 2020) and is the main contributor for the scientific publications between CNRS and Singapore.

Over the years, CINTRA has developed a network of academic collaborations in France with CNRS/Universities laboratories, and has helped to promote exchanges between France and Singapore researchers: over 80 researchers or students from France and Europe have worked at CINTRA (20 PhD students and over 50 interns among the total PhD and interns trained).

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