Partnerships in Indonesia

CNRS partnerships in Indonesia

1 International Reseach Network

International Research Networks will structure and gather a large international scientific community around a common theme or à research infrastructure. It promotes the organization of international workshops and seminars, as well as thematic schools. It brings together, for a duration of five years, researchers from several French and international laboratories, and several countries can be involved in one network.


Managed by Dr. Adèle Esposito Andujar (CNRS), the international research network CREMA (Documenting & Mapping the Heritages of the Ordinary City) examines, in a comparative perspective on the scale of South-East Asia, the processes by which associative and professional actors, in synergy with communities of inhabitants, attribute heritage values to the places of everyday life (residential and commercial districts) that make up the “ordinary city”. It will be effective from 2022 to 2026.