Partnerships in Indonesia

CNRS partnerships in Indonesia

1 International Emerging Action

International Emerging Actions are PI-to-PI projects whose purpose is to explore new fields of research and international partnerships through: short-term mobility of scientists, the organisation of working meetings, and the initiation of early-stage joint research works for shared scientific projects. These actions have a duration of two years.


The IEA SULMACGEN (International Emerging Action SULawesi MAcaques GENetics), managed by Dr. Julie Duboscq (CNRS-MNHN-Université de Paris, UMR 7206 – équipe IPE) in collaboration with Macaca Nigra Project will be effective in 2020 and 2021. The Macaca Nigra Project has a triple mission: scientific research, education and conservation.  Sociality of Sulawesi macaques: revisiting the impact of kinship on social behaviours in wild crested macaques.