Flash Call for IRN-FACES collaborative projects

The IRN-FACES launches a Flash Call to support bilateral research initiatives as discussed during the last two web-meetings on hydrogen energy (H2E) and electrochemical energy storage (E2S). Call details are available in this PDF file.

To facilitate the contact between partners, you may have a glance on the H2E and E2S expertise posters available at: https://filesender.renater.fr/?s=download&token=34540b33-55ea-4131-bd5b-a982732426ec

Laboratory presentations during E2S web-meeting are also available at: https://filesender.renater.fr/?s=download&token=b270e7a7-a933-46b0-b22b-a2cd872a07b7

Note the short deadline for submitting proposals: Thursday, November 12, 2020.

tThe IRN-FACES team is looking forward to receiving your exciting proposals!