CREATE Webinar series with Thomas Lautier

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Date:                   Friday 18 September 2020

Time:                   2pm SGT

The CREATE Webinar is a weekly fixture held every Fridays.

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Cellular Enzymatic Spatial Organization: Metabolic Railroad Switch

Dr Thomas Lautier

Researcher, CNRS

Presentation Abstract

To achieve biochemical reactions required for living, cells have to deal with thousands of intracellular biochemical compounds, involved in multiple crossing metabolic pathways. Among various strategies, Nature  has developed a spatial clustering approach of connected metabolic reactions. Thereby enzymatic proximity allows a fine tuning of metabolic branched pathway orientation by modulating the local substrate concentration and provide a way of referral branched pathways toward  desired intermediates. From a synthetic biology and metabolic engineering view, this part of the project EcoCTs aims to establish  generic rules for catalytic assembly through assessing multi-enzymatic systems, using scaffold libraries and photosensitive dimerization by in  vivo approaches. Enzymatic spatial organization in vivo will be combined to metabolic pathway regulation thanks to light-induced reversible  spatial clustering. The carotenoids branched pathway, chosen as model, is a cornerstone in biotechnology, with valuable intermediates such as asthaxantin. Be able to pilot the metabolism toward a desired intermediate is a current challenge in the bioeconomy.

Speaker Bios

Thomas Lautier is a CNRS researcher from Toulouse Biotechnology  Institute, France, and currently visiting scientist in the Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation. Across his career,  Thomas’s researches are trying to link the molecular level (natural or chimeric enzymes behavior) with the cellular level (whole population or  individual cell behavior) working with synthetic metabolic pathways expressed in microorganisms. Genetic regulation, physiology, protein  engineering and enzymology are fields essential in his research projects. His current researches focus on: – Heterologous expression of  branched pathway: toward metabolite of interest?  – The coexistence (and coevolution?) between a synthetic pathway and the endogenous metabolism of the host cell. How a cell can manage its metabolic switch? How can we insert in a “homeostatic” way a synthetic pathway in a cell host  metabolism?  He received a PhD in microbial genetics and MS in microbial ecology from National Institute of Applied Sciences Lyon, France.


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