The Agropolis Fondation-Louis Malassis International Prize for Agriculture and Food was created in 2010 and takes place every two years.

As has been the case for three editions, the Agropolis Fondation-Louis Malassis Prize will be coupled with the “Olam Prize for Innovation in Food Security”, in partnership with Olam International, a world leader in the food industry and food processing. For the first time, 2021 will also be the occasion for Agropolis Fondation to join forces with the Swiss Foundation Biovision and to launch a 3rd International Scientific Prize: the Shift Prize for Transformative Agroecological Research for Development.

These three Prizes are intended to reward those who have contributed in an exemplary manner, through their training, research or development activities, to promote innovations to improve sustainable agricultural and food production systems and thus contribute to meeting the food challenge and fighting poverty. All three prizes are open to the international public and private scientific community (except for large companies) and civil society organisations.

The Agropolis Fondation-Louis Malassis Prize rewards three categories:
• the “Distinguished Scientist” category
• the “Young Promising Scientist” category.
• the “Outstanding Career in Agricultural Development” category.

The Young Promising Scientist Prize comes with a €5,000 cash prize and a €15,000 worth of scientific mobility grant to any of the research labs that are part of Agropolis Fondation’s scientific network. The Distinguished Scientist and the Outstanding Career winners receive €20,000.

The Olam Prize, rewards an innovative scientific research project for its potential impact on the availability, accessibility, affordability and adequacy of food, in line with UN SDG#2: Ending Hunger. The winner will receive US$ 75,000 which is to be spent on furthering the research project and/or scaling up its impact. The rewardee will also have the potential to work with Olam to develop the practical application of their innovation in the company’s supply chains or with Olam’s R&D teams.

The SHIFT Prize awards aims to recognize collaborative research for development projects and initiatives that have made an exemplary contribution to agro-ecological transformation of food systems through their transdisciplinary research. The winning project or initiative will receive €20.000 unrestricted funding to support its further development and strengthen its impacts. The winners will be part of a community of champions that support agroecological transformations via policy dialogue and will have the opportunity to showcase their work in high-level discussions. They will also have access to a global platform aimed at connecting diverse research for development stakeholders, including CSOs, donor organizations and policy makers in addition to research institutes.

The deadline for submitting applications has been extended to 15 March 2021 at midnight (Paris time).

For further information : https://www.agropolis-fondation.fr/International-Scientific-Prizes

Contact : Océane Trevennec : trevennec@agropolis.fr